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Course Information:
Course Name: Fire Extinguisher Technical Course
Credits: 1
Description: This course covers the following topics Matching the Hazard of a building and contents to the extinguisher, Light (or low) hazard, Ordinary (or moderate) hazard, Extra (or high) hazard. Describe the different extinguisher classifications, Class A, B, C, D and K. Explain the Rating system for each class of extinguisher. Discuss the different types of extinguishers, Water, Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Film Forming Foam, Halogenated and Dry Powder. Review the physical, Health and Safety Conditions that are important to know. Review the P.A.S.S. Word in using extinguishers. Mounting & Distribution of Fire Extinguishers, floor clearance, mounting heights and the distribution of the different classes. Inspection & maintenance and requirements for the different types. What the importance of the verification of service collar, hydrostatic testing and testing Intervals.
Location: Online
Price: $25