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Course Information:
Course Name: Fire & Life Safety Inspections - 2019
Credits: 1
Description: This 29 Unit course will assist in giving the new Fire Inspector or Company Officer the necessary knowledge on what to inspect and why it's important. This is not a code course but instead is in depths look at the basic requirements for inspections. This course was originally developed and is delivered by Bob Furlong, retired Chief Fire Prevention Officer of the City of Richmond BC. The course includes the following topics; Conducting fire inspections, exits & means of egress, emergency lighting, exit signage, fire separations, decorations & interior finishing's, emergency lighting and services, FD access, fire hydrants, FD connections, sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, building addressing, housekeeping refuge dumpsters, fire watch, fire safety plans, fire hazards, industrial trucks, hot works, commercial kitchens, special fire suppression systems, compressed gas storage, flammable gas storage, spray coating operations and woodworking operations.
Location: Online
Price: $300