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The Fire Prevention Officers Association of BC is pleased to offer the only Certified Online 

NFPA 1033: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator Course


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All classroom (knowledge) work is completed at your convenience and pace, all you need is a computer with internet access.

 The Written and Practical Exams are conducted by one of our Trained Evaluations across Canada.

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FPOABC NFPA 1033 Course: $1500.00 (Course price in Canadian Dollars, Plus GST)

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The Online Learning Centre is please to offer the platform for the delivery of this course for the FPOABC 

What is the Difference between Accreditation and Certification?

Accreditation is the stamp of approval from a third party (Pro Board) review of an agency’s certification system.  The review includes all aspects of certification testing including; completeness, fairness, security, validity and correlation to the national standards.  Agencies such as state/provincial certification agencies, educational institutions, governmental entities, and national organizations are accredited.

Certification is the verification that a candidate has successfully completed an evaluation of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities against the national standard.  Individuals that successfully pass a certification exam are certified.

Candidates that are certified by an accredited agency have the value added of the assurance that the test they took accurately measured them against the standard.